WCUdaipur, wordcamp

#WCUdaipur 😍😍😍

After a mind numbing 15 hour train journey, I and Ajit BohraΒ reached the Royal city of Udaipur. Weather was so much more good than what we experience here in Mumbai, that I and Ajit decided to walk 2 kms to hotel with our luggage.

While the hotel that we stayed was below average, it was in city centre which made it easy for us to get Uber’s, Salons and other important things.

The pre-event speaker party was in such a beautiful place that if I would have had a girlfriend then I would have proposed her to marry me in that party. But as there wasn’t any, I focussed on meeting some amazing people like Vachan Kudmule, Hardeep Asrani, Devin Walker, Hari, Prathamesh Palve, Punit Sahlot, and many many more… Along with good company we were also spoilt by finger licking delicious food. The auto ride back was an extortion but every bit of it was enjoyable because of the most kind hearted boy I have ever met, Master Prathamesh Palve from CybroGeek.

On the day of the event, as usual we were late as we were busy finding coffee to wake us up. But it was not only us or our coffee at blame, Prathamesh too was late as usual. We reached venue to be welcomed by humble Gagandeep at the registration desk and ever smilingΒ Amit Singh at the Swag counter. Oh that sexy paper bag of Swag, I was so much in love that I volunteered to even pick Ajit’s bag. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

While we were munching on delicious breakfast Vaidehi had already started her talk which was first in the day on Track 1. After our talk, I and Ajit attended some interesting talks by Rahul Bansal, Bigul, Gaurav, Amit and both the Panels. One has to agree that every talk had good content. The networking area was pretty huge and we did meet a lot of people there.

The organisation and arrangements my #wcudaipur team was applaudable. I even tweeted to Punit, urging to hire me so that I can learn this organisation skills from him. He kept his modest stance and didn’t hire me. πŸ˜‘

Right from setting up the website, designing a good brand to choosing the right combination of food and hospitality that even Taj hotel cannot match, WCUdaipur team was super awesome.

The after party at Arjun baug was not only amazing but also a perfect place to meet and network. The gentleman who owned the place honoured us by sitting with us till 1:30 am and sharing a drink with us. THANK YOU SIR.

Then the After After party started when Vraj, Shikha and Punit took us to this amazing dhaba in middle of no where, where we lit a fireplace and joked, talked and had lot of fun till morning. We were even served tea by a Mummy (I don’t mean Mother) with a very wicked smile who ignored me like an annoyed partner. 😏😏

The day after we bumped on RTCampers, Isabelle and Amit Singh’s family during breakfast where we had a big Indian Family reunion & breakfast. All in all #wcudaipur reminded me of big fat Gujarati wedding, where there are amazing people, humble hospitality, finger-licking delicious food, stomach ache inducing jokes and opportunity to meet lots and lots of important people.

Thank you team #wcudaipur for taking this effort and bringing all these WP lovers together. Hope to see everyone soon together again at #WCKochi.

Until then Khamma Ghani.


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